Machines for cleanrooms

Machines that produce in cleanrooms are subjected to special requirements.
For this machine shown here, two foils and one inlay are inserted manually into the rotary table nest.

At inserting the foils, they are controlled by a camera. With temperature, pressure and time monitored heating plates; the two outer foils are welded together. After the welding the foil bags get an imprint, realized by a laser marking device. Bad parts are not labelled and automatically ejected. Good parts are removed by the operator from the nest.

Special features:

  • Machine structure in stainless steel version
  • Aluminium profiles without open longitudinal grooves
  • Ergonomic workplace with two-hand start-up
  • Manual loading control via camera, attached above the rotary table nest
  • Rotary table nests in stainless steel
  • Isolation of the laser marking device, including suction
  • Structure without visible screws
  • Control cabinet in stainless steel version