Manual workplaces

For a small lot size, but with a high process reliability of the assembly processes or non automatic manageable components (due to the component size or shape), the manual workplace or semi-automatic solution is ideal.

Similarly, testing workplaces can be designed and manufactured, e.g. function, pressure (tightness, flow) or dimensional tests (tactile or optical) which can be carried out.

Manual Workplaces / Semi-Automation

The insertion and positioning of the parts is to be done manually, thus complex alignment processes can be realized, which can only be automated with a great effort. Assembly processes, such as joining, press fitting, caulking, stamping, screws, rivets, welding, glueing, testing, measuring, touching, controlling, labelling, marking, etc. are performed automatically and thus have a reproductive, high process reliability and availability. The assembled parts are also removed and deposited manually, whereby the operator can perform the process accompanied with visual and functional quality controls. Bad parts can be disabled (e.g. removal only by an authorized person), respectively discarded under controlled circumstances.

Manual workplaces can be quickly converted, extended and are flexible. These workplaces are not bound to any particular place and therefore can be used cost-effectively.