From manual workplaces to high-performance machines

We translate customer requirements
into efficient technologies

From manual workplaces for complex parts to complete automatically high-performance machines with yearly performance of several million parts – Grün & Köder translates specific customer requirements into efficient technologies. With great flexibility and expertise, we plan, develop and build machines and systems for processing, assembly and inspection of functional parts. For various industries and applications.

  • For a small lot size, but with a high process reliability of the assembly processes or non automatic manageable components (due to the component size or shape), the manual workplace or semi-automatic solution is ideal. | more


  • From simply structured to fully automatic: We design a wide range of long-life production machines with exactly the level of automation that meets your requirements. | more


  • With our assembly lines the perfect concatenation of different production processes is achieved - adapted to specific customer requirements. Upon request, camera-based production monitoring ensures continuous quality control. | more


  • The increasing requirements regarding product quality and process reliability necessitate high precise testing machines. For these conditions, the PACE is perfectly suited. It allows you to test any sort any kind of product in a consistent quality an in a continuous running process. | more


  • Decades of experience, well-founded technical competence and distinctive innovative power: We at Grün & Köder are the ideal partner when it’s about special challenges. Idea, engineering, conception, production - we deliver tailor-made, comprehensive solutions. So comprehensive that we can, if desired, also train your employees so that you get the maximum benefit from your new production machine.

    Our range of services also includes the fully automatic assembly and completion of your products, including quality controls and final packaging. | more



What’s new at Grün & Köder? Here you can find out.

Fully automated innovation for the food industry

For the food industry our experts designed a fully automated machine for the production of valves with subsequent assembly process. When the valves are fed and cut, the required high-quality level is checked by state-of-the-art camera technology. Then the lid is fed, which thereupon will be perfectly connected via force-path control.

A transition brings the partial products to the next station. Here the foil is fed and inserted into the lid. A process that is also monitored by a camera. Finally the lid with valve and foil reaches the end packaging.